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At Julius we understand the importance of creating digital marketing strategies for mass product marketers, which facilitate the brands’ presence in multiple channels, and to develop this strategy in the search for omnichannel marketing, understanding the relevance of the channel, the consumer’s characterization, their interests and the democratization of the products they sell. We see the confluence of technology and consumer data analysis as the basis for responding to each of the challenges facing this sector.

In addition, demographic shifts, changes in user preferences and economic uncertainty have led companies to think about new strategies to bring consumers closer to their products. For this reason, the web presence is as significant as the physical one, and choosing the best communication channels for your business is essential.


One of the challenges that companies in this segment must take on is to establish a convenience strategy for the distribution channels they have for the sale and display of their products, finding ways to obtain data that will help them to know their consumers.

With such a competitive market, it is necessary to identify opportunities for the business in the digital space, with which to achieve greater knowledge of consumers, their interests and how we can, with the help of technology, find solutions and insights to optimize efforts in communication and relationship with audiences. Being able to listen to what people say helps us to recognize where consumption is moving, but also what risks are facing the category in order to implement appropriate strategies that contribute to building awareness and positive brand positioning.

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Ecommerce, marketing automation and digital analytics, become a great opportunity to enhance shopping convenience and learn about their preferences. 

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Content marketing, creativity and social media support strategies to generate traffic to websites. 

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Analyzing the user experience, through digital analytics, allows us to holistically visualize the activity and journey of each user in the web portal or online store of the brand. In this way, we understand their behavior, obtaining key insights that allow us to optimize the customer journey, detecting individual interests and pointing out any gaps or problems  in the browsing and shopping experience.

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Obtaining our own databases that provide information about the behavior of the public.

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Our inspiration is to achieve a differential experience and add value to the relationship between the brand and the customer.

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Strategy: Digital Ecosystem, New digital business, E-commerce, Omnichannel, CRM & Loyalty

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Digital experience: UX, Web & Platforms, E-commerce, Intranet & Social Networks

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Content and creativity: Content marketing, Social media, Creativity, Digital reputation

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Performance: Marketing automation, Digital demand generation, Customer intelligence, Analytics, Digital media, SEO

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