Julius | Why Is Nearshoring Relevant in Digital Marketing?

Through Digital Marketing Nearshoring a company can build up on that success by exploring a pool of talent outside their own country but close enough to maintain an alignment in work schedules, real-time collaboration, and delivery times.

We can assist you in evolving your organization, either by making it compatible with international remote talent or by taking your established remote teams further along.  

From fractional specialists to dedicated teams, we can help you grow your digital marketing team in a fast, risk-free, and reliable way.

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We enable organizations to grow by leveraging Latin America’s top digital talent. 

You will be able to easily  connect with culturally fit, technically skilled digital marketers such as:

  • Paid media specialists
  • UX/UI designers
  • Digital analysts
  • Inbound marketers
  • E-mail marketers
  • E-commerce specialists 
  • Other digital experts (Read more)

Our service goes beyond international hiring. If you require it, we can accompany you in the onboarding process of new team members and do a follow-up on their performance.

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Flexibility for different types of needs

  • For smaller teams, JULIUS can provide a shared team of non-full-time members. This could be an intermediate solution that makes sense for smaller operations.
  • For growing teams, JULIUS may help to implement a structure with digital managers that can supervise, coach, and give feedback to a remote international team.

Our process

Based on your needs, we begin the scouting, vetting, and interviewing processes. 

Considering both internal and external talent, JULIUS will propose specific team members so that you can have the final say on their allocation/appointment to your project. 

Before presenting them to you, external candidates go through our optimized scouting, interviewing, and vetting processes. Internal candidates have been in our organization sometimes for years, so we already know if they could be a good fit for you.

Deep dive into our process and the challenges faced within an international hiring

  • Vetting

    In addition to technical and professional vetting, interviewing for cultural fit is also critical.

  • Trial periods and warrantie

    Even if a thorough process is in place, there is always a margin of error. Having trial periods allows companies to mitigate risks even later in the hiring process. 

  • Scouting

    When looking for a Latin American digital marketer who could be very successful working for US companies, probably no more than 5% or 10% of the corresponding talent pool fits the criteria. This process requires leveraging local networks for candidates and referrals, as well as understanding the candidate’s job search in the region.

  • Finding the right partner

    It is desirable to find one with industry-specific experience, a robust hiring team and processes, and a deep understanding of agencies’ operations.

Final/Closing steps

Once a candidate or team is selected as a good fit for your company.

  • We legally hire them in their country of origin.
  • We sign a service agreement with you.

The service agreement is signed through our US-based corporation, which generates your invoices.

At the same time, confidentiality agreements and other protection mechanisms are put in place, making things as safe and easy as possible for you.

We work directly with businesses and agencies to find the right talent and personalities to fit acompany’s marketing needs and culture.

International talent

International talent

Connect with digital marketers based in Latin America who are ready to join your team.

Talent solutions

Talent solutions

Full-time dedicated staff members and/or project-based solutions.

Remote team

Remote team

Connect with different kinds of specialists in your time zone.



Interview and work with culturally fit, technically skilled digital marketers with ease.


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