Julius | Architecture | CEMEX boosted its sales with B2B ecommerce, backed by its digital strategy

CEMEX Industrial Supply


Years ago, CEMEX identified an opportunity to commercialize its suppliers' products through B2B e-commerce. That is how it launched CEMEX Industrial Supply in 2017. It was ahead of its competitors and a pioneer in the industry.

Since its inception it was conceptualized as a 100% digital platform, as well as its channels for attracting new customers. These last two years have been a challenge for its ecommerce, however we can highlight that even with a pandemic in the middle, it has achieved a compound annual growth rate of almost 28%.

Since the launch of this project CEMEX and Julius have worked as one team. During these four years we have accompanied them in the growth of e-commerce, becoming their strategic partner supporting them in areas such as: digital prospecting, data visualization of digital channels, mailing strategy, content and even technical issues of measurement and e-commerce platform.

Not only have we seen this project grow, but we have accompanied them along the way from its beginnings when it was a B2B e-commerce mounted on Shopify Free platform; from thinking only in digital advertising to attract new customers to enter omnichannel issues. We developed performance visualization dashboards for all digital prospecting channels, until landing a B2B email marketing strategy.

Thanks to the constant communication and teamwork between both teams, we have achieved an increase in the profitability of our advertising investment, going from an ROAS of 2.435% in 2020 to an ROAS of 3.820% in 2021, thus proving the benefit of having a digital strategy in different media.

We are confident that we will continue to work towards CEMEX Industrial Supply's objectives, which we have been able to focus on and take advantage of its sales channels with avant-garde strategies.


Compound annual growth rate of almost 28% in the last 2 years including the pandemic year.

Return on investment from an ROAS of 2.435% in 2020 to an ROAS of 3.820% in 2021.


CEMEX entered the world of B2B e-commerce over 4 years ago, seeking to expand its sales channels, and has grown successfully thanks to the digital strategy that has accompanied its development since the first day.