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One of the most important universities in Latin America intended to significantly increase its adult education sales, particularly the continuous education and graduate programs. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to develop a digital channel focused on attracting new students, and it had to be both profitable and suitable for large-scale growth.


Over an 8-year period, we have achieved uninterrupted growth in the volume of registered students, with considerable improvements in the unit acquisition costs. Additionally, valuable market intelligence has been developed for the decision-making processes associated with the formulation of new products, the incursion into new markets and the prioritization of specific elements of the academic offer. Currently, this university has the most relevant digital presence in the fields of graduate and continuous education programs in the Spanish-speaking sector.

What we offered

We implemented a digital strategy focused on generating demand in the dominant digital media, defining a granular segmentation of the target audiences, messages and products. In addition, we set up multiple measurement, visualization, control and analysis tools. These resources allowed producing a highly assertive impact on the multiple goals, both specific and general, and monitoring and identifying behavioral abnormalities, thus enabling to take swift and effective measures.

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