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One of the most important retailers worldwide, which already had several years of experience in Mexico, was looking to develop its e-commerce channel across the country. For this purpose, in addition to the pending technological platform and the control processes, generating an adequate demand was a critical factor so that it could help to scale this new channel up profitably.


We achieved a successful launch with an initial increase of 300% in the performance of the key indicators. Later on, and for more than 5 consecutive years, we achieved increasing rates above the average in the industry in terms of last-interaction sales, ROAS, unit costs per new-customer acquisition, among other important metrics. Today, this company’s e-commerce operation is one of the most important in Latin America, and it continues to expand at a higher rate than the average e-commerce growth rate in the region.

What we offered

We formulated a digital strategy focused on generating demand and increasing online sales. To do so, we analyzed the investment associated with the performance of the digital media that were being used. Thus, we identified areas of opportunity to allocate the budget, and we modified the entire media mix. In the operation, we simultaneously implemented more than 500 campaigns, divided into multiple channels and accounts.

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