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Upgrading the user experience to generate interest and loyalty with the channel.

  • Amazon PPC

    We understand Amazon’s Campaigns behaviors and the improvement of their performances with advanced analysis tools.

  • Amazon SEO

    We manage Amazon’s keywords tracking and improvement in the most relevant products, comparing the best selling products and competitors.

  • Comments & Reviews Management

    We manage Amazon’s clients feedback and reviews in real time, aiming for a tactical operation of the costumer service.

  • Product Research

    We analyse your brand’s products and we compare them with the ones competing on the sector, reviewing key factors like sales volume, sales price, opinions, user’s rating. This allows us to identify innovation and improvement   opportunities, not just for your contents but for your products. Making the price a smaller importance for the potential buyer.

  • Competitor Monitoring

    We track competitor’s keywords ranking, estimated sales and pricing which they use to generate traffic and control prices. We understand the way our competitors connect with their customers and we use that to our gain to generate competitive advantage. In this way we can understand and control our competitive context.

  • Inventory Management

    Through a multiple level focus we efficiently manage inventory, anticipating the best re supply moment, with the purpose of always being aware of the availability, location, storage and requirement of the products.

  • Marketplace management

    We manage the necessary processes for each brand to upload, start offering and maintain their products across relevant marketplaces for each brand. Through structured trial/error iteration processes, we extract the maximum value out of the different demand opportunities in order to optimize acquisition costs.

  • Product management

    Setting up and improvement of web pages specialized in management, and sales of products of every category, depending on the nature of each marketplace and the consumer’s decision making process.  Essential for the correct product indexation in the search result and the upgrading of the conversion rate.

  • Marketplaces plus

    We aim for business differentiation, having a presence in the different marketplaces and improving the position of your products in organic search results and paid advertising.

  • Advanced advertising

    Audience segmented content inside and outside the marketplace, as well as different purchasing models aiming to meet sales, reach and frequency goals.

  • Direct to Consumer

    Establishment of a key direct channel to increase the market domain and the captation of relevant traffic, boosting product innovation and distribution process, reducing the cost of acquisition and delivering times, and increasing significantly the ARPU potential and refinement.


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