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One of the most digital-friendly sectors has been the financial sector, which has made efforts to develop solution hubs that allow users to access products and services from multiple digital touch points in an easy, reliable and timely way, making use of technologies and designing experiences for increasingly connected consumers.


Thanks to the digitalization of financial services and processes that represent a technological maturity in its users who understand when, how and where to obtain products, the industry must know its audiences in depth, in order to be present at the right moments of consumption for their assistance.

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Construction of relationship models and definition of the right contact flows for each audience, supported by CRM and Loyalty.

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Automation of all the processes of a digital marketing strategy, which allows the agile and effective creation of user segmentations, workflows, lead nurturing and campaigns, through tools we have available such as Marketing Automation.

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Analyzing the user experience, through digital analytics, allows us to holistically visualize the activity and journey of each user in the web portal or online store of the brand. In this way, we understand their behavior, obtaining key insights that allow us to optimize the customer journey, detecting individual interests and pointing out any gaps or problems  in the browsing and shopping experience.

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Generation of digital solutions combining creativity, valuable content, relevance and functionality, with corporate strategies.

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Learn how Julius helps to design experiences hand in hand with this industry.

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Strategy: CRM & Loyalty

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Digital experience: UX, Web & Platforms

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Content and creativity: Creativity

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Performance: SEO

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